Your Journey To
More Customers Begins
With A Faster Web


Let's Audit Your Existing Web Presence At No Cost.

It should never cost a dime to know where you stand with others and so we will audit your site against algorithmic baselines provided by well-recognized, leading third-parties such as Google, GTMetrix, & Pingdom services.

We further audit the performance of your site against the insights & lessons that we have gained along our own journey of constructing performant progressive web applications for clients big and small.

Because Knowing Where You Stand Matters
Here Are 6 Good Reasons Why.

Google states that a 500 ms delay in site load will lead to a 20% decrease in ad revenue.

Finds that a decrease in page speed of 2 seconds equals to a 2.5% fall in queries and overall clicks.

Publishes that for each additional 100ms increase in website loading time can lead to a 1% drop in revenue.

Reveals that a 400ms shorter load time translates to a 9% increase in traffic.

Finds that a 2.2s page load improvement lead to 60 million additional Firefox downloads.

Insists that 64% of shoppers who are dissatisfied with an online-store’s speed fail come back.


Take Receipt of Your Free Audit Report

The data is yours. It comes from unbiased third-party, leading global brands. Our role is simply to put it into your hands.

Your report will contain comprehensive findings covering all of the on-page factors that are adversely or positively impacting your organic ranking, conversion rates & audience retention.

We provide you with the report of our complete findings, comprehensively including your areas for improvement as well as your successes, as gathered from the auditing stage.

You Can Expect 0% Rhetoric & 100% Proven Objective Performance Metric Data From Leading Brands You Already Trust.

We build websites that outperform 90% of the web.[1] This is important because your website’s online performance directly impacts your real-world revenue, your discoverability, and your customer satisfaction [2]. This is why we focus our efforts on truly efficient coding & architecture that delivers entire sites in under 1 second of load time [3] to the mutual satisfaction of customers & entrepreneurs alike. 

1. Based on objective third party performance metrics from Google Page Insights, GTMetrix, & Pingdom.

2. For hard metric data see following section.

3. GTMetrix speed tests, 2019.


Decide What's Best For You & Your Organization.

The final move is up to you; you can hire us to address your action items and improve your site toward the goal of increasing your public discoverability among your prospective client base, raise your audience retention rates, increase your web generated conversion and sales numbers, as well as your consumer satisfaction or… you can choose to leave your site as it is.

We want you to be happy. We want you to succeed.  Most of all we want you to achieve both of these things on your own terms – with or without us; either way you can count on us being in your corner.

If You Hire Us - Here Is What You'll Get...

Your Very Own Installable App Experience On Mobile With A Website Experience On Desktop & Tablet.

This isn’t your Father’s responsive web design. Our web builds load as a fully featured progressive web application on all mobile devices and fallback to an expansive website experience on desktop and tablet. Responsive is so 2016. Welcome to progressive web apps!

Faster Than Your Competition 1 Second Page Speeds!

90% of websites in 2018 required 6.3 seconds to load on user’s devices. Our website designs always load in 1 second or less!

Increased Discoverability Through Embedded Rich Snippets On Every Page!

Rich snippets open up a whole new world for the discoverability of your business. 

Your site contains more than one type of content. You should be leveraging this to your advantage. Your blog posts should be discoverable as articles, your open houses and seminars should be discoverable in event lists, and your landing pages should be ranking in organic searches. 

You might be a dental office hosting an event. Rich snippets empower you to appear in searches for ‘dentist’ as well as to online users searching for upcoming events.

Higher Organic Ranking Through Leaner Page Weights & Solid SEO.

The average page size for single pages in quarter one of 2019 eats up a hefty 3.09MB of consumer’s mobile data plans and Google is sensitive to this. Search engines are actively prioritizing page weight as a metric that influences page rank.

Leaner pages equal more pages permissible under capped data-plans. More pages visited equate to more Google Ads served & more Google searches performed. 

Google is ranking lean pages organically higher than heavier pages.

Our Q1, 2019 page size average across all client website builds is 989Kb. That’s more than three times leaner, lighter, & faster than everyone else.

Who Are We To Provide Such Substantial Claims?

We are a small web shop in Dayton, Ohio. We are as entrepreneurial as they come; born from a question of “What if? followed by an answer of “I’m all in! Let’s Do Something Big!”

We specialize in progressive web applications; natively installable mobile apps that unfold into unrestrained traditional desktop websites for larger screened machines.

It is our guiding philosophy that differentiates us from others in our field of industry. As others work from a perspective of responsive traditional design that presents well across devices – we mix things up. 

Our perspective is to deliver installable mobile app experiences that unfold gracefully into a traditional website for desktop & tablet; website & installable mobile app married as one.

Let Our Work Do The Bragging For Us.
(Doing it Ourselves Makes Us Uncomfortable.)

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0% Rhetoric 100% Proven Objective Performance Metric Data From Leading Brands You Already Trust.

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