3 Aspects of Your Business Success Impacted Directly By Website Page Speed Performance.

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6.5% of all incoming site traffic opts for tapping the back button rather than continuing to wait for a page to load for every second over 2 seconds. 

Considering that roughly only 2% of all prospective buyers convert into actualized customers – page speed performance is the literal line between converting 2% of 100% or 2% of 67%


If a page is quick and snappy, audiences explore; there is no hesitation to tap here, there and back again. The same is not true for pages that require an audience to wait. 

Audience satisfaction declines by 16% per second that a page takes to perform a task  – tasks that include giving you money. Tasks that include scheduling an appointment. Tasks that include keeping your business profitably afloat.


A lot of people mistakingly think this should be number one. It isn’t because it’s a product of the other two criteria. You want to rank highly. Google wants to know a few things about you first – such as, what percentage of people actually step through your front door as opposed to turning around in your driveway (this is 01. Audience Retention) and of the total number of those who do step inside – how many go on to have a meaningful, satisfactory experience with you (this is 02. Conversion Rate). 

You wouldn’t recommend to your friends an underperforming acquaintance with whom your only meaningful interaction amounted to “Some weather we’re having?” followed by “Yep” would you?

Google won’t either and that’s what search results are – recommendations to friends. It’s in Google’s best interest to always make the best recommendations to its friends; doing so keeps those friends coming around just as it keeps another group (advertisers) wanting to be seen in Google’s good company.

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