Looking For Things To Do In Dayton? Explore A World A'Fair!

Dayton Festival Fans Get Ready To Celebrate In:


What Is The A World A’Fair Festival?

A World A’Fair Festival is the event that all Beavercreek festival seekers look forward to each year. A World A’Fair takes place in the May of every Spring and happens near Beavercreek Ohio.

This coming May, A World A’fair will be kicking off on Friday, May 17th, 2019 and running through Sunday, May 19th, 2019.

This year, Beavercreek Festival fans in attendance will be joining us to celebrate our 46th year of honoring the rich global cultures that make Beavercreek Ohio the vibrant city it is. We invite you to join us for a weekend of Food, Drink, Performances, & Cultural Celebration!

Beavercreek Festival Fans, You’ll Love Our Opening Ceremonies Which Include:

Festival Beer Passports!

Our signature Beer Passports, a crowd favorite among adult Beavercreek festival fans, will be kicking off our grand weekend full of global cultural celebrations during our opening ceremonies on the night of Friday, May 17th.

Beer Passports provide a festive way for A World A’fair attendees to sample pours of authentic beers from regions the World over! Beer passports are just $10 and are available only on Friday night of the festival as part of the opening ceremonies of A World A’fair. Come celebrate with us as we gather for the most diverse and exciting annual festival honoring the varied communities, many cultures and wonderful faces that make up Beavercreek, Ohio.

Festival Youth Pageantry!

Children have events all their own as well here at A World A’Fair! Beavercreek festival children in attendance who are part of our youth group will be eligible to participate in one of our two A World A’Fair children’s pageants. The first pageant is our A World A’Fair Youth Ambassadors. One boy and one girl are selected from our Youth Group to occupy the spot light and represent Beavercreek’s favorite festival. Our second festival pageant is for our Junior Ambassador who is selected from among the pre-teen age group.

A Weekend Full of Festive Fun!

The A World A’Fair Festival Stages: Song, Dance, Acrobatics!

Continuing throughout this three day festival, Beavercreek residents as well as all other festival attendees will experience over 120+ live performances entertaining crowds on two stages including Lebanese bellydancers, Irish step dancing, German folk dancing, French Can-can, the famous Kenyan Safari Acrobats as well as Neil Jacobs and his Spanish guitar, Native American Singer/Song Writer Steve Free as well as countless other taking to the stage. These lively performances are guaranteed to be acts that Beavercreek festival fans won’t want to miss seeing! There’s always a new and exciting act to cheer for on the performance stages of A World A’fair! Beavercreek festival attendees will want to keep an eye on our stages as most performances run only 15 minutes to ensure that your always just minutes away from something new and thrilling!  

The A World A’Fair Festival Main Floor: Food, Drink, Culture!

On the main floor of the Dayton Convention Center, Beavercreek festival attendees will find an array of cultural booths representing 34 ethnic regions from every corner of the World. Each of these booths featuring their own festive and historically relevant cultural display constructed in accordance with this year’s festival theme. Most booths sell food and beverages allowing you to sample the tastes of peoples from diverse backgrounds and histories. Come hungry because you’ll want to travel the globe on an adventure with your taste-buds.

Children Who Love Beavercreek Festivals Will Love Our Discovery Passports!

Free of charge at this Beavercreek area Festival are ‘Children’s Passports’! These stamp-able booklets send children on a global adventure throughout the Dayton Convention Center as they visit every booth on a mission of discovery to learn about diverse cultures and peoples. 

Also for the children is a game, project, and puzzle area located behind the main performance stage bleachers.

Where Is The A World A’Fair Festival Happening In 2019?

A World A’fair will be taking place at the Dayton Convention Center on East 5th Street, Dayton Ohio 45042. Just minutes away from Beavercreek, Ohio

Beavercreek Festival Attendees Will Get To Witness A Naturalization Ceremony: The True Reason For This One of a Kind Celebration!

We are thrilled, honored, & excited beyond measure to serve as the proud hosts to the area’s largest group Naturalization Ceremony. Join us on Saturday at 12pm, in room 106 off of the lobby, where we will be witnessing the Naturalization of our newest Americans. It all happens right here during A World A’Fair: A cultural celebration not to be missed by Beavercreek Festival fans. Join us for the festival that celebrates diverse cultures and a global community.

How Is The A World A’Fair Festival Possible?

A World A’Fair is organized, overseen, and executed by DIFI, Dayton International Festival Incorporated. DIFI consists of 6 officers and one delegate from each of the 30 cultural groups that participate in the Festival as performers or booth operators.  DIFI is a non-profit tax-exempt 501C3 organization and all of its members serve DIFI and Beavercreek, Ohio on a volunteer basis.  

We invite you to learn more about Dayton International Festival Incorporated through our website which is found at difi.us.

Nearby Accommodations

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Volunteer Opportunities

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Learn About DIFI

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